Nature.cos Charter

How NATURE.COS applies the principles of sustainable development in the Company :

Nature.cos charter
The « operational » dimension

As little plastic materials as possible in our packaging and maximum use of biocompostable and biodegradable plastics.

All the cardboard used for our boxes is made by a Swedish company (KORSNÄS FRÖVY) which has a reforestation program and non-polluting methods of production (FSC certification-Forest Stewardship Council).

Communication materials printed on recycled paper using botanical inks by Imprim'vert certificated printers.

Less than 1% synthetic ingredients in the entire line (with the exception of nail varnishes).

As much as possible we use botanical and organic agriculture ingredients.

Our company is located in a building built according to High Environmental Quality standards: wood frame (inside and outside), heat pump and rainwater collection. It is designed to use less water and less energy.

Economical and energy saving containers which are refillable and give the product a much longer life cycle. Only the re -fill is thrown away.

No animal testing: NATURE.COS joined One Voice in 2005.

The « fair » trade dimension

To enhance each individual's comfort in the company the building has benefitted from a Feng Shui analysis; the staff restaurant may be used for private parties.

Everyone is encouraged to be part of the NATURE.COS Project throuh good quality communication, listening and training.

Bringing our suppliers into our project.

Fair trade: buying ingredients grown by people who can live with dignity from their work and benefit from health and education programs in their area.

Ecocert standards demand that the very production of our ingredients be neither polluting nor dangerous for operators.

The « viable » dimension

In-house, the compensation process is based on an evaluation of individual and collective performance (monthly individual bonus and team bonus)

Complementary payment system (not charged and tax free):
- meal vouchers -2005
- company insurance (100% offered by Nature.cos) -2006
- company Saving Scheme (PEE ), Profit Sharing Scheme - 2007

To enhance each individual's comfort in the company, the building is being analysed according to Feng Shui principles; the staff restaurant may be used for private parties.

Everyone is encouraged to be part of the Nature.cos Project through good quality communication, listening and training (2 seminars: January 16 and 17 for a team of 13 managers; May 17 and 18 for 70 people)

International development is taken seriously; each brand Manager undergoes training for 21 days

Outside the Company, we are the first cosmetics brand which takes back all unsold products from outlets without rebates or delays. If the product does not sell there is no point in keeping it (which is bad for the morale of the outlet Manager) nor to discount it (which is bad for the brand's image)

Our outlet Managers are offered free training to become familiar with the brand, its products, its techniques as well as its goals and values.

Our partner supppliers are involved in our project: support and financial partnership if necessary. At the end of 2006 we founded a company in Italy " Laboratoire Phyto Techniques" (powders and pastes production) together with our traditional supplier: it was the first cosmetics production company certified organic in Italy by Italian authorities and it is being processed for certification by Ecocert. In the coming months there will be a second partnership with our traditional supplier of emulsions and foundation line and the creation of a production company more adapted to our needs.

Fair trade: buying ingredients grown by people wo can live with dignity from their work and benefit from health and education programs in their area. In our opinion there is a need to improve transparency. We would also like to see the situation on the ground (Kenya 2008 with Earth Oil)

Ecocert demands the very production of our ingredients not be polluting nor toxic or dangerous for operators. For example: pigments which must be ionised to be decontaminated: manufacturers use gamma rays which are, according to Ecocert, a source of dangerous radioactivity. It is necessary to find non-ionised pigments and to decontaminate them by other methods.

Dividends: the Company has always yielded positive results; presently we think it fair that we have never taken any dividends since we feel rewarded in this venture and we have a real need to finance our growth.

The very production of our ingredients, according to Ecocert, must not be polluting, toxic or dangerous for operators