Back to a sweet and nostalgic ambiance, in a real neo-vintage style thanks to a trendy make-up combining range of weathered colours and Scandinavian retro shapes.

Nice hint back to the thirties, with flavors of yesteryear, our childhood memories are back as if by magic.


The retro touch for a breakaway in the past

Black and white photos with shades that have turned yellow over time, colours for a cheerful touch and retro patterns to cover the products with softness.

A completely unique style, complexion of porcelain dolls for a collection which is both wise and glamourous.


Limited edition packagings: The emphasis of neo vintage

The makeover continues at Couleur Caramel: with retro Scandinavian forms, soft and aged colors, this new collection revisits our forefathers’ nostalgic world.

A world of elegance and sobriety where the charm of the past daringly meets the current trends!


New product: The tinted lip balm

How to combine both femininity and lip care?

The tinted lip balm, with its rich composition is perfect this winter; it offers you maximum hydration while leaving a subtle transparent tint on your lips. To use all day long!


RETRO TOUT CHAUD: the sweet and nostalgic ambiance of a must-have collection for this winter!

Shades of dolly pink, mother-of-pearl amber, enhanced with matt verdigris and pearly wrought iron combined with the glittery black and brown pencils for the brightest of eyes. Let the charm act!


Organic eye shadows:

Matt verdigris No. 122 – Matt dolly pink No. 123

Mother-of-pearl amber No. 124 – Mother-of-pearl wrought iron No. 125

Organic eye pencils: Glittery black No. 137 - Glittery brown No. 138

Organic lipsticks: Terracotta No. 111 – Terra sienna No. 251

Organic Lip Balm: Coral small touch No. 252

Organic Terre Caramel: Copper amber No. 212

Organic Blush: No. 559 Coral

Nail Polish: Taupe No. 846 - No. 847 Blueberry

Mascara: Black No. 206

Multifunction box "Memory Book": a new box to gather one’s beauty “jewels” beauty to be offered or for pure enjoyment!

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