Once upon a time...

Like a fairy tail, NATURE.COS started with the meeting of two designers Cedric FERREOL and David RECCOLE and the birth of NATURE.COS in January 2003.

The NATURE.COS Company aims to establish sustainable development in natural cosmetics. Its ambition is to:

Change the world by empowering consumers
to take responsibility for their consumer choices

These goals and values were first embodied by COULEUR CARAMEL, our first cosmetics brand, born in April 2003 and distributed in beauty salons, hairdressers and organic shops.

Four years later, a second brand was created in order to meet the strong demand from the pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical sectors and SPA of more than 170 m². In September 2006 ELYSAMBRE was created: this is a line of natural, refillable cosmetics which embodies the same values.